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  • ✈️ VAT Bill Tips, Air Passenger Duty Savings, and Virgin Points Bonus!

✈️ VAT Bill Tips, Air Passenger Duty Savings, and Virgin Points Bonus!

I’m writing this before flying to Helsinki, Finland, so felt it was only right to include some tips for flying with Finnair!

✈️ VAT Bill Tips, Air Passenger Duty Savings, and Virgin Points Bonus!

Hello, and Happy Sunday once again! Thank you for all your support on last week’s edition.

I’m writing this before flying to Helsinki, Finland, so felt it was only right to include some tips for flying with Finnair!

Let's get started:

  • Earn Points Paying Your UK VAT Bill with a Special Combo of Cards: Earn points from your UK VAT bill using a Curve card and a Capital on Tap card.

  • Reduce UK Air Passenger Duty by Flying from Outside the UK: Discover how to save on taxes and fees by flying outside the UK, with Finnair as an example.

  • Get 5,000 Free Virgin Points for Setting Up Tesco Clubcard Auto-Convert: Take advantage of this fantastic deal to earn Virgin Points by setting up auto-convert with your Tesco Clubcard.

Earn Points Paying Your UK VAT Bill With a Special Combo of Cards

Did you know that despite HMRC no longer accepting personal credit cards since 2018, there’s still a clever workaround to earn valuable points from your VAT bill? This is possible through a service called Curve, which merges all your cards into one.

What is Curve?

Curve is a digital wallet that links your various debit and credit cards into a single card, streamlining your finances while offering perks like cashback and no foreign transaction fees. One of its standout features is Curve Fronted. This feature allows you to make payments with your credit card in places where typically only debit cards are accepted, such as HMRC.

How to Use Curve to Pay Your HMRC Bill

1. Download the Curve App: Available on both Android and iOS.

2. Link Your Credit Cards: You can add any Visa or Mastercard credit card.

3. Activate Curve Fronted: This feature is essential for your HMRC payments.

4. Pay Your Bill: Use Curve to pay HMRC just as you would with a debit card.

The Costs

Curve Metal: At £17.99/month, pay up to £3,000 per 30 days with no fee, and a 2.5% fee thereafter.

Curve Black: At £9.99/month, get £1,000 fee-free every 30 days, with a 2.5% fee for additional amounts.

Free Version: All transactions come with a 2.5% fee.

Additionally, consider using the Capital on Tap card with Curve. This combo minimizes fees while maximizing your rewards, such as:

• 1% cashback on all purchases.

• 1 Avios point for every £1 spent.

• Discounts on gift cards.

By strategically timing your payments (e.g., paying £3,000, waiting 30 days and paying another £3,000), you can manage your payments effectively without incurring extra fees, all while accumulating valuable rewards points!

Reduce UK Air Passenger Duty by Flying from A to B from Outside the UK

When booking redemption flights, consider flying from outside the UK to save on taxes and fees. Although it takes longer, it doesn’t always cost more.

Finnair are a great example of how you can take advantage of this strategy.

Example Savings:

  • London to New York in Business Class with BA: 80,000 Avios + £549.29 in taxes and fees.


  • Helsinki to New York in Business Class with Finnair: 62,500 Avios + £130.80.

This is a HUGE saving in both cash and Avios.

You could fly from Heathrow to Helsinki, enjoy the city for a few days, and then continue your journey to New York - all at a much lower overall cost than flying directly from the UK.

The flight from Helsinki is longer, but this also gives you time to enjoy the service—especially if you're travelling in Business Class.

Travelling in business class with Finnair is a VERY comfortable experience thanks to the no-recline seat design and fantastic business lounges.

  • No-Recline Seat Design: Finnair has a new, comfortable, no-recline seat design that has received excellent customer reviews. However, you can still lie down in the no-recline seat with a proper mattress pad and cushions.

  • Helsinki Airport Business Lounges: The Helsinki Airport Business Lounges are some of the best in the world. One lounge even has a sauna. I can personally recommend the espresso martini!

Get 5,000 Free Virgin points for Setting Up Tesco Clubcard Auto Convert

Did you know you can earn Virgin Atlantic points by shopping at Tesco? 

To celebrate being able to earn Virgin Red points by shopping at Tesco, Tesco Clubcard has a fantastic deal. 

You'll get 5,000 Virgin Red points if you set up your account to auto-convert points to Virgin Flying Club or Virgin Red.

This 5,000 Virgin Points bonus is the highest ever offered, doubling the previous high of 2,500 points.

We value 5,000 Virgin Points at around £50 for premium cabin flights.

Alternatively, redeem them for £25 worth of items from the Virgin Red app.

To make the most of this offer, you must set up auto-convert by 18th July and ensure you have at least 250 Clubcard points in your account by this date. You must also keep auto-convert active until 18th July, and your points will be credited on 29 August.

Unfortunately, the bonus is only open to those who haven't previously earned a bonus for converting to Virgin Flying Club.

How to Set Up Auto-Convert:

  1. Visit the Clubcard website and sign in.

  2. Go to 'Clubcard Account', then 'Clubcard Management', and select 'Voucher Schemes'.

  3. Choose "Virgin Points" to enable auto-exchange and input your Virgin Red ID or Virgin Flying Club number.

Is It Worth It? Holding onto your Clubcard vouchers for potential conversion bonuses or better offers is wise. However, given the recent decline in lucrative Tesco Clubcard offers and the amazing deal this 5,000 Virgin Points bonus offers, it's a great time to take advantage of it.

Final Words

I hope you enjoyed this edition and that the promos can help you out.

Safe travels, and always aim for the upgrade!

Jack @ Smart With Points

📌 Helsinki, Finland

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