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Thursday’s Top Travel Tips

Hey Travellers,

Welcome to Thursday’s edition of Top Travel Tips. This is a shorter edition of Sunday’s main newsletter designed to give you some quick wins taken from our community.

Tip 1: How to contact British Airways

Encountering difficulties with your BA Executive Club account or Avios bookings? If contacting British Airways via phone or email directly hasn’t resolved the issue, try reaching out via Twitter/X Direct Message. They can reply very fast and can get the job done. Be aware that they often require verification of three pieces of information (like passport number or expiry date, and address) to confirm your identity and make changes to your booking/account.

Tip 2: Quickly view Avios amounts for BA/Oneworld routes

Using a tool called Smart Redemptions, you are able to see the Avios amounts required for routes with British Airways and their oneworld partners right on Google Flights. This can save a lot of time as the British Airways website can be very slow and has a few issues. With this nifty Chrome Extension, it makes it a lot easier to find your next award route.


🆕 We’ve just built a Google Chrome extension that shows the Avios points needed to fly with British Airways and their oneworld partners on... See more

Tip 3: Boost Your Nectar and Avios Points This June!

Maximize your rewards this June with a special offer from Avios and Nectar! Here’s how you can earn double Nectar points and enhance your Avios balance:

1. Convert Nectar to Avios: Start by converting a minimum of 400 Nectar points into 250 Avios. This initial step is crucial as you need at least 400 Nectar points to participate.

2. Shop and Earn Double: After converting your points, shop at Sainsbury’s, Argos, eBay, or Esso during the month of June. You’ll earn double Nectar points on all your purchases at these locations until June 30th.

3. Keep Your Conversion: Make sure not to reverse your initial Avios conversion before June 30th. Any reversal or conversion back to Nectar points during this period may disqualify you from earning the double points bonus.

This promotion isn’t just for first-timers; it’s open to all Nectar members. So, if you’re planning significant purchases at the participating outlets this month and have the required Nectar points, don’t miss out on doubling your rewards! For more details, check the Nectar website linked in the offer.

Final Note

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