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How I Scored a £3400 Japan Airlines Business Class Ticket for Just £242

My Avios were put to good use on this one!

Hey there!

I can't wait to share an incredible travel deal story with you in this edition of our newsletter! I recently managed to book a £3400 Japan Airlines business class ticket for only 77k Avios points and £242 cash. Read on to find out how I made it happen and how you can do the same!

The Luxurious Flight: I booked a business class seat on Japan Airlines' APEX Suite configuration, renowned for its exceptional service and food. The flight takes off from Helsinki, Finland, and arrives in Tokyo, Japan after a comfortable 9-hour overnight journey.

Avios Points: The Key to Big Savings The secret to scoring this fantastic deal lies in maximizing Avios points. I collected points through a mix of sign-up bonuses and daily spending on my AMEX & Barclaycard credit cards.

Choosing the Right Airport: By researching airports served by Japan Airlines, I chose Helsinki for its low airport taxes, saving hundreds compared to flying from Frankfurt or London.

Partnering with British Airways: Thanks to the Oneworld alliance between British Airways and Japan Airlines, Avios points can be used for JAL flights. I redeemed 77,250 Avios points and paid £242.50 in cash for taxes and fees, securing an amazing deal that's even cheaper than economy class!

Tips for Scoring Your Own Deal

  1. Keep track of your points.

  2. Stay informed about promotions.

  3. Be ready to act quickly when a fantastic deal arises.

  4. Follow pages like TPG_Alerts & HeadForPoints.

More Adventures & Savings: I hope my story inspires you to pursue your own travel deals and make the most of your rewards programs. Stay tuned for more tips, tricks, and stories in future issues!

Bye for now!

Jack @ Smart With Points

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