🛫 Boost Your Avios Earnings With These 3 Tips

We dive into Thursday’s Top Travel Tips for the week.

Thursday’s Top Travel Tips

Hey Travellers,

Welcome to this Thursday’s edition of Top Travel Tips. This is a shorter edition of Sunday’s main newsletter designed to provide you with some quick wins.

Here we go:

Shop Smart at Sainsbury’s

Do you shop at Sainsbury’s? Here’s how to boost your Avios through everyday shopping with the Nectar app:

1. Check Your Offers: Regularly open your Nectar app to explore the exclusive ‘Sainsbury’s Offers’. These special promotions can significantly increase your points on purchases you’re already planning to make.

2. Scan as You Shop: Use the handheld scanner to buy items in-store. This method not only ensures you bag the extra points from your downloaded offers but also accumulates the usual points on the total cost of your purchases.

3. Buy What You Need: It’s tempting to go for every offer, but stick to purchasing items that you actually need. For instance, if there’s a bonus on household essentials like toilet paper or dishwasher tablets, stock up! Remember, 400 Nectar points can be converted into 250 Avios, making every shop count towards your next trip!

This approach keeps your pantry full and your Avios balance healthy, without unnecessary spending. Happy shopping and saving!

Start Earning Avios Through Business Spending with Capital On Tap

If you or your player two has a small business, then you should be turning every business expense into a reward with Capital On Tap:

1. Earn 1% Cashback: Get cashback on all expenses like utility bills and operational costs. Even pay bills that are normally a bank transfer.

2. Choose Your Plan: Opt for a no annual fee card for cost-saving or a £99/year card for bonus points and extra Avios.

3. Exclusive Offers: Enjoy savings on services like Sage and Slack, and earn 10,000 bonus points with a £5,000 spend in the first three months.

4. Flexible Redemption: Use points for cash, gift cards, or offset your balance, and top up your card with your funds for extra rewards.

Earn Reward Points When Paying Your Bills

Looking for a smart way to accumulate more Membership Rewards Points / Avios? Here’s a brilliant strategy shared by savvy members of our community:

1. Utilize Your AMEX Card: Consider paying your utility bills with an American Express card. Octopus Energy, for instance, allows bill payments via AMEX, which is an excellent way to rack up points. Simply switch from paying with a debit card or direct debit to your AMEX and pay off the balance when it’s due.

2. Expand to Other Bills: You can also use your AMEX for other significant expenditures like council tax, especially at locations that accept PayPoint, such as Co-op stores. Just take your bill to a cashier, let them scan it, and pay with your AMEX.

3. Assess the Costs and Benefits: While paying with AMEX can help you earn points, it’s essential to compare the costs. Some services, like Octopus Energy, might charge slightly higher rates for non-direct debit payments. Make sure the additional points justify any extra costs.

By integrating these practices, like Laura and Graham in our community, you can transform routine payments into valuable travel opportunities. Every bill can bring you closer to your next adventure!

Final Note

As always, thank you for reading. If you have any top tips you’d like to share, please email us or drop them in the group.

Bye for now!

Jack @ Smart With Points

📌 Bangkok, Thailand

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